Joomla 4.0

My favourite CMS - Joomla has been released today 17.08 to version 4.0.
Joomla 4.0 is a new design, vertical menu and the rest ... I'm testing.
My first impression is very positive

Let's celebrate! Today is an important day for the Joomla! Project. We're celebrating our 16th birthday. But that's not all… After 9 years of hard work by our volunteers, we are proud to announce the release of our new major version, Joomla 4.0, alongside Joomla 3.10, known as "the bridge".

What is Joomla 4?

Joomla 4 is a major version. Meaning we're bringing plenty of new features. Everything has been redesigned, rethought and of course, we added great new features.

Most importantly, Joomla 4.0 is built for you, designed for all! Joomla4All!
To build new sites with, to migrate from Joomla RC to Joomla stable and also from the Joomla 3.10 series as well as from Joomla 2.5 series.

Whether an individual, blogger, charity, web agency or multinational, Joomla is a great choice!
Joomla! 4 A New World of Possibilities
Build a beautiful, scalable website that will grow with your business
Why Joomla?
Adapt to the digital world
Security matters
Mobile friendly