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My name is Michel and I'm from the Netherlands.
I would like to tell you the personal story behind our products.
I worked for many years in the pharmaceutical industry as a chemical specialist in medicine production.
But, I always was interested in alternative natural products and the power nature gives us.
So, a friend of mine his mother, was suffering from neuropathic pain disorder on here back and was using a lot of morphine to kill the pain.
Sadly she became morphine intolerant needing more and more morphine. Looking for help he came to me in his search for another pain treatment.
Because the Cannabis plant is known for 5000 years to be a very good pain killer I advised him to use the extract of this plant. He started to grow his own cannabis plants and we made from the plant extract our first balm. Every morning and evening he rubbed his mother's back with this balm.

Seeing the result the effect was amazing, after a couple of month's she could bring down and even stop using morphine and became pain free because of this treatment. His mother's story was a big inspiration to create our new products which can be so effective for so many skin problems. Learn


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Friday, 22 October 2021

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