GPK Development


GPK Development is involved in the construction and sale of detached houses.

Grow! have been commissioned to build a website for GPK, in the form of a business card including slider, description and contact details. However, this simple approach did not fit our vision to provide the best practical solutions to help a company move to a higher level.

This approach was just a warm-up! We showed GPK a slightly different approach to the website, for example, a tool to strengthen the image of the company, facilitate sales, enable communication with the customer. Under these conditions a website was created.

Http:// - with the 'property' component that takes the company's business to a whole new level. We have developed an individual graphic design, created community accounts, newsletters and background music for films presenting GPK projects. Mission accomplished!


Graphic Design, Joomla! CMS, Google Analitycs, Self motivation Training, Development Strategy