Magia Edukacji


Can your business be inspired by love? Of course!
An example would be Paul's story. Paul taught agro-tourism combined with environmental education for children. The business grew slowly until Paul met Agnieszka. Agnieszka is a psychologist and personal trainer. Together, with their shared passion, they were able to start a project which promotes learning in a child-friendly way. Paul chose our package #Letsgetstarted. We helped Paul pick his server, domain and email address. We also helped with graphic design and a logo. After analysis, we determined the business plan for the next two years. We had many telephone conversations with Paul in which we gave tips to Paul on how to achieve business goals.

Graphic Design, Joomla! CMS, Google Analytics, Self motivation Training, Development Strategy

I recommend the services of with great pleasure. They provide great customer service, a friendly atmosphere and a professional approach to your project. What further distinguishes ‘’ is that the crew are open and flexible. Each of our orders were executed creatively and reliably despite the tight deadlines. I recommend for anyone who is looking for interesting and individually tailored solutions.