Your website has a few very important outcomes:

  • Organizes your business - you will find very helpful to have at hand subpages 'about the company', 'my offer', 'portfolio'.
  • Customers verify your credibility - Great website gives a great impression, that's why we care on every detail to customize a web design to your company.
  • Win competitions - SEO, connect with social media, AdWords campaign, Google analytics you will use these tools to gain more customers and win with competition.


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ONSTRUCTION & DESIGN TOMASZ BOBER specializes in the design of spare parts and components for industrial equipment. It also designs ready-made machines for various industries. Based on many years of experience in the food industry, it offers proven solutions and co-operates with constructors from many European countries.

Tomasz has grown up so much that he needed a visual identity for his company and a multi-language website with an online store to convince customers about his professionalism.

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Logo&business card, Graphic web design, CMS Joomla!, LayerSlider, PrestaShop™

Software solutions for websites are amazing now! For the foundation in Poland, which is trying to encourage children to DIY, we created a website with a component resembling Facebook. Kids are happy to improve their skills in DIY and the growing popularity of their profiles:-)

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Logo&business card, Graphic web design, CMS Joomla!, LayerSlider

4CARS-SERWIS is a modern car workshop equipped with specialized tools and diagnostic machines of the latest generation. It is also a professional team of professionals with extensive experience in the automotive industry.

Such a great workshop needed a decent graphic identification and website. We have created a unique style for this company and the basis for creating a strong brand.

Logo&business card, Graphic web design, CMS Joomla!, LayerSlider



Logo&business card, Graphic web design, CMS Joomla!

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MAX-DROGI CENTRUM is a leading company in the field of road measurements. It implements projects throughout Poland. Over 10 years of experience has resulted in the implementation of 400 projects at the highest level. Individual approach to each client and a wide range of services are one of the company's greatest priorities.

We took care of the company's rebranding. The aim was to strengthen the company's new advertising campaign, which we have used Google Adwords.

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Logo&business card, Graphic web design, CMS Joomla!, LayerSlider, 


Michal arrived from Poland to the UK three years ago. Michal wondered if there were many Polish businesses in his area. After finding a Polish hairdresser, he thought it would be a good idea to create an online database that includes polish companies.

We helped Michal by choosing components for CMS systems like Customer Backoffice, with registration being quick and easy online. We also created the jingle, promotional video and a plan to achieve brand awareness among the Polish community with an aim of reaching out to 60% of the Polish community within five years.



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Pracownia Magia Edukacji implements creative and unconventional education. We create conditions where children as well as adults can develop their potential, skills and have the joy and satisfaction of self-improvement.
We have adapted to the vision of the company and created a modern creative website with unconventional graphics.

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NConstructions a professional decorating company in Leeds, if you require a decorator West Yorkshire for a new home, office or just to give a new feel to a room then we can help. Our team is fully qualified and can offer high quality services at competitive prices we supply our services to both domestic and commercial properties and have gained an excellent reputation with our clients for the services we provide. 

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Logo&business card, Graphic web design, CMS Joomla!, LayerSlider, Photo Gallery

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This project was for the catholic parish in London. This project helps priests contact parishioners, involving the simple publication of articles. The website was a great success.


Logo&business card, Graphic web design


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PK DEVELOPMENT is a young company founded in 2017. However, the founders of the company could already boast of many years of experience in the industry, thanks to which GPK DEVELOPMENT develops dynamically and consistently implements the adopted strategy.

We have implemented a special real estate component for a website that supports the company in a professional image.

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Mir Therapy is a powerful tool to help you take charge of your physical and mental health, whether you have a specific condition or are just looking for an effective stress reliever. 

What is the best way to show your talent? I think we managed to pass the power of Slavomir gift.

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Unique Surfaces Plus Ltd specializes in precision, detailed kitchen and vanity countertops and flooring for both residential and commercial applications. We are committed to quality craftsmanship, on-time expert installation, custom design ability and adherence to budgets.

This is very successful company, we have created a professional image and a modern website.

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Logo&business card, Graphic web design, CMS Joomla!, LayerSlider, 


HeyNow Radio is the first Polish radio in London.

We took care of rebradnig in this company and created a new website.

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Logo&business card, Graphic web design, CMS Joomla!


„Working with natural wood oblige you to treat it with love and respect or its natural beauty... My wood, my passion, my work...”
Stanislaw Chelkowski SnugLine

With the same passion for marketing, we created a new brand for Stanisław. From the name, the visual identification, website desing to the unique style that the positive distinguishes on the market.

Logo&business card, Graphic web design, CMS Joomla!, LayerSlider, HikaShop


 ' In this expression, the word Geometry stands for the mathematical, scientific and technological element of Creation while the word Sacred stands for spiritual properties such as invisible interconnectedness, effortless energy flow, timelessness, silence and continuum.'

We tried to best reflect the geometric presentations which is described in Milena's books. We took away some secrets and we managed to make a great website! :-)

 Graphic web design, CMS Joomla!

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Creating a brand which the customer loves, trust and are loyal to requires a very good marketing strategy.

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